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Thanks, Cuomo

They finally did it. Bison Billiards is now temporarily closed. Comrade Cuomo sent his goon squad in to close my business down.

I’ve stayed open trying to defy what I believe is an illegal shut down of businesses. While in the middle of a lawsuit against New York State, Comrad Cuomo, and Attorney General James, Bison Billiards has:

1) Met and/or exceeded all NYS COVID requirements for reopening.

2) Zero Covid cases related to us.

3) Zero contact trace calls.

4) Mandatory masks required all the times, even while shooting pool.

5) Every other pool table closed(14’) apart

6) Double the required sanitizing stations

7) Zero violations, in 12 years with:

A) State liquor authority

B)State Gaming Commission

C) E.C. Health Department

D) Any Police Departments

Seven violations since lawsuit started. Coincidence, I doubt it.

My wife and I started this business nearly twelve years ago. We are a mom and pop business. We both work here full time, we don’t have other jobs. We pay our own health insurance. Our business expenses and household expenses are paid with the income we generate at Bison Billiards.

Cuomo, this week, is putting thousands of small business owners out of work. There is no financial relief package in sight for these small businesses. I've applied for everything NYS has to offer related to COVID-19 impacted financial programs, and 4 months later have yet to receive a nickel.

Let me be clear - I am 100% for the public's safety. I hate COVID just as much as the next person, that is not the issue. The issue is, one person is taking away my ability to earn a living without a reasonable alternative, or financial support plan. My thoughts go out to my fellow small business owners who might not survive this...

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